Gizzard (squishythingz) wrote in isproductions,

maybe not the subject matter, but wtf ever

I think it is time to rise against the empire. This is not a free country, if you think that your an idiot. We need to organize against the global elite that control this world by blinding and binding us. We the people are the power of any authority. We have given our power away because of our fear to be responsible. Our parents and grand parents and so on and so forth have decided to let there lives be led for them. I think we, as the future, need to stand up against this bullshit. We should no longer lay around and watch the corruption spread and just complain about it. We must change it, we have the power to do this.

"But how?" you may ask. well im not completely sure, but if we work together we can make it happen.

If you think that it is futile cause we are so few than I have a quote for you.
"It only takes a few good men to do nothing for evil to take control of everything."
One man alone may not be able to stop this impending prison, but one person here and one person there soon becomes a million, even a billion. There is the power.
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