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Ok, folks, while I'm working on the Wolfrose project over again, I've… - A Parabiosis Of Thought......For An Ascension Of Sound [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 31st, 2005|01:53 am]


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[music |Blue Birds Refuse To Fly]

Ok, folks, while I'm working on the Wolfrose project over again, I've decided on the lyrics and track titles in the meantime. These ones have been in my head for a while, so.........

1. Anemia Pillar (instrumental)
2. Final Star
3. Vertical Utopia
4. Burning In The White Sunrise (For Sarah)
5. (untitled Icelandic song. The singer of Patentium, who is handling the vocals on this one will decide the title. The whole song will be in Icelandic)
6. The Empty Surge
7. Cadence
8. The Traitor Song
9. The Storm (Cesium 137 cover)
10. Effective Only For A Violent Death

Some of the lyrcs are on poetry.com under Shaun Hamilton 2, but they will be revised a bit. Gives you an idea though. Also thinking about a single for Vertical Utopia, which is a more........weird dancey song. So, anyone interested in remixing my work when it's done, just drop me a line (geistimsturm@yahoo.com) and I'll get the remix kit to you as soon as it's done. And I'll be Soundclicking this thing of course, for a couple of tracks, getting the website up and done, etc. very soon!
So far, the project is becoming a mix of things.........with "Anemia Pillar", I have one part that's sort of like dreamy electro kind of like Sigur Ros, then it starts building up into a hellish Yelworc-like section, then the final part is a sparse piano line (d minor), an echoed beat playing over a sampled noise I'll leave secret for now. I don't follow any particular mood with these songs, but try to flow them together into one.

Sorry about the X-posting BTW.